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  談判英文很重要!你知道bargain for的意思是期待嗎?


“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”
                              ~ Carrie Fisher
飾演星際大戰 中Princess Leia的女星Carrie Fisher曾說:「任何事情都是可談的。」


Bargaining (give and take) process between two or more parties (each with its own aims, needs, and viewpoints) seeking to discover a common ground and reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual concern or resolve a conflict.(Business Dictionary)


Bargain (n./v.)
當名詞時做「便宜貨、價格好的東西」解釋;當動詞是「議價、協議」的意思。片語bargain for意思為「期待、預期」。

The dresser I got from the garage sale was a real bargain.

Let’s close the deal. I think we got more than we bargained for.

此外,drive a hard bargain表示在協議的過程中不願意妥協或讓步。bargaining chip則是用來指「談判的籌碼」。

We’d better discuss our strategies for the meeting tomorrow. Our client has a reputation for driving hard bargains.

give and take協議、互相讓步妥協

字面上的意思「給和拿」,也就說明了協商過程裡雙方都有相當程度的角力和讓步。 讓步在英文上也可以用 compromise (v, n)或是片語 meet someone halfway.

Negotiation actually involves a lot of give and take.(協商原本就涉及雙方互相讓步妥協。)

To reach an agreement, we decided to meet each other halfway.

resolve (v) 解決

resolve a conflict即是「解決衝突」,也可用在resolve disputes/differences(解決紛爭)。

We tried to find ways to resolve our differences so we can complete the project by the deadline.

請注意,雖然中文翻譯都是「解決」,但是resolve在這裡不完全等於solve。我們可以說solve a crime/mystery/math problem,但是無法用resolve a crime/mystery/math problem。


I’m afraid that it is not a viable option.(恐怕這不是個可行的方案/選擇。)

viable (adj)「可行的」,類似的字尚有feasible、workable。
The plan Jim proposed is not viable at all.(Jim提議的計畫一點都不可行。)


What if we offer you an alternative?(如果我們提供另一個替代方案呢?)

alternative (adj) (n)「另一個、另一種」,可用在alternative energy source(替代能源)、alternative medicine(替代藥物)。

We seem to be nearing an agreement.(我們似乎即將達成協定。)

seem (v) 這個狀態的動詞的用較特殊,無法用進行式,而是要:
(1) 用不定詞接另一個動詞
He doesn’t seem to remember the promise he made during our negotiation last week.

(2) 接that引導的名詞子句
It seems that we can’t finish the project on time.

(3) 接形容詞
Are you ok? You seem quite anxious.


We can only accept your offer on one condition.(我們只有在一個條件下才能接受你的提議。)

Are you willing to accept a compromise?(你是否願意接受妥協?)

The peace talk came to a deadlock and the delegates from both countries decided to resume the negotiation next month.

We hit an impasse over payment terms.


1. The trade talk has come to a deadlock since neither side could come up with a viable ___________.
(A) altercation
(B) alternation
(C) alternative
(D) alteration

2. The contract will only be accepted if further concessions by the oil company ________.
(A) makes
(B) is to make
(C) is making
(D) is made

1. 正確答案(C)替代方案。本題為字義題,要選適合題意的字,然而選項全是名詞,所以無法由詞性判斷,而且所有選項的拼字又相似,是易混淆的字。選項(A)altercation解釋為fight、augment「爭執;吵架」。(B) alternation輪流替換、更替,動詞是alternate;(D)alteration變更、改變,動詞為alter。因此符合本題題意是(C)。

2. 正確答案(D)。本題為文法題,「讓步」可以用make a concession來表達。這裡因為if子句的主詞為concession,所以以被動型態來表現,因此(D) is made為正解。

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